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Single Ox Cultivation PDF E-mail

Single Ox Yoke


Many farmers own only one ox and borrow the second from neighbors as existing yoke arrangements are for two animals.

Tools for Conservation Agriculture such as sweeps or rippers should be designed for minimal soil disturbance and draught force to carry this out.

This multipurpose prototype functioned well with the weeder and ripper/planter.

Animals may require extra training if used with working as a pair but seem to adapt rapidly.  

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Donkey Power – An untapped potential PDF Print E-mail

High Lift Hitch

This system was described by Prof. FM Inns of the UK. Note the hitch point is at the back of the animal rather than the normal shoulder or wothers.


The system allows a shorter, lighter and cheaper tool with a reduced draught force which often allows the use of one animal.

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